I love seeing cute things on the internet. So many things go viral so easily but I pay particular attention to the cute videos of babies and animals.

I especially love watching these when things get especially tough and these ones in particular are the ones that never fail to cheer me up!

One of these days, when I have my own kids or pet, I’m going to film them doing hilariously cute things and then make them a star! :lol:

Here are 8 of the cutest videos you will see anywhere on the net! (At least that’s what I think anyway!) If you’re having a tough week or things have been a bit rough, I hope these cheer you up in the same way they do me.

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You have, so much in your life to be grateful for. Even if things are not going great, even if some bad things have happened, there is always something good in your life and something to be grateful for.

Even the bad things, are not always bad, we’ve just trained ourselves to see them that way. Sometimes the things we think are good, or a blessing, ultimately could be bad for us.

An event is never necessarily good or bad. We assign the labels of good or bad based on how we view and understand those events, and also how we they think they will affect us.

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Sleep Is More About Quality Than Quantity

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You cannot open a news website health section now without there one story or another regarding sleep. Apparently, sleeping less is out, and ample sleep is the new black! Some examples: The BBC reported recently about how bad sleep can alter the body’s chemistry: – In the Daily Mail, the importance of napping: – […]

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The Power of Pain

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I’m going to be honest with you. The last 6 – 12 months have not been particularly great for me. In fact, I’d go far as far as saying that the last 6 years have been exceptionally tough. It’s not been all bad all of the time, but some of the events which have occurred, […]

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The Incredible Power Of Being Centered

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Before you begin reading this article, I wanted to emphasize just how much this one slight shift in my mindset has changed my life over the past few months. I literally mean it when I say that miracles will begin to happen when you adopt this strategy and way of thinking. When I say miracles, […]

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Every Moment Is A New Beginning

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Very recently, I made some mistakes. My punishment was my conscience. No one could make me feel as bad as I was already doing myself. It’s amazing how powerful and how levelling a conscience can be. I made some more mistakes and the process repeated itself. We all make mistakes and we all have our […]

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