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This is a fantastic Guest Post by Ganesh Bharadwaj – Kick Ass App Maker and Fabulous Musician.

Personal development has gotten a lot easier thanks to mobile apps. There are mobile apps to help us with being organised, staying fit, forming habits, relaxing and even increasing happiness. If you look around, you will see that the number of people supplimenting their self growth with mobile devices and apps is on the rise.

With than in mind, I decided to compile a list of some of my absolute favorite, killer apps, to compliement your spiritual journey and to take things to another level.

There are variety of apps, from puzzles to supercharge your brain to apps that will help you meditate.  So go through the list and leave a comment below with your favorites, and ones that may not have been mentioned.

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This is a fantastic Guest Post by Milan Bakrania – Amazing writer and fabulous artist.

The written word is powerful. There’s no doubt about it. Even today, we’re moved by words inscribed millennia ago from ageing manuscripts and on the back of ancient stone tablets. Without the written word we wouldn’t have religious doctrine or textbooks, even historical records would not exist. In other words, without books we would be lost.

Today, the thoughts of modern writers (and ancient writings) are easily accessible via electronic books (eBooks). You can literally browse vast amounts of literary works without visiting a library. This was the hurdle I had to overcome when Amit approached me to compile a list of inspiring eBooks. Initially, the obvious candidates came to mind. Amazing works such as The Secret and Conversations with God have literally changed the world. But, then I thought to myself: what about the relatively unknown works (mine and Amit’s included!) which are still creeping into the light of day?

Although not definitive, here’s a list of what I believe to be 10 super-inspiring eBooks from upcoming writers. Hope you get a chance to check them out.

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How I Quit Sugar – And How You Can Too

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In case you didn’t know, For the month of February I made the conscious choice to quit sugar in my diet for the full 28 days. A few people have asked me why and the simple reason is that it’s just something I’ve felt like I needed to do for a while now. February seemed […]

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Here Is Why You Should Give Intermittent Fasting A Go

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At the end of the 2012 I began the process of intermittent fasting. I lost around 20lbs over 3 months and I felt really good. However I wasn’t as disciplined with the process as I would like to have been. 2013 was a tough year and I let the habit slide; all the weight I […]

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A Quirky Little Guide To Giving The Perfect Hug On Valentines Day

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I love hugs! They are one of my favourite things in the whole world! This Valentines day I would like to steer you towards giving the perfect hug to you loved ones and truly express what they mean to you! You’ve heard of limp handshakes right? Well there are people out there who give the […]

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February Challenge – Giving Up Sugar For 28 Days

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It’s February and what better time than to set yourself a new challenge! I’ve decided I’m going to do one myself and it’s going to a tough one; for me anyway! If you’re a regular on the blog you will know that I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, on and off, for quite some time. For […]

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