Strong Back

I first hurt my back back in 2002/2003 and since then I have had problems with it.

I slipped a disc and I can attest to the fact that it is one of the most painful things that can ever happen to you.

I once asked a friend of mine, who’s had two kids and has also had a prolapsed disc what was more painful? Child birth, or the slipped disc? She didn’t hesitate and said, ‘a slipped disc!’

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Messages To Spread Around The World

This post is exactly as the title states. 10 magnificent messages that we can spread across the globe. I won’t leave you salivating any longer. Share these messages with everyone you know.

1. Nowness

I remember watching a program by the noted physicist and musician Brian Cox on the BBC regarding time.

One of the things he talked about was that because things only happen after an interval, we can never experience the now. For example, the light from the Sun takes eight minutes to reach our eyes. It then takes time for the brain to translate what it sees.

I disagree with Brian because there was something he forgot to mention. He forgot to mention what I experience immediately with my creative faculties. If I close my eyes and picture a boat that experience is immediate for me. And so, with that creative talent, I can then experience being in the now.

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New Book By Milan: Human

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I’m very excited and honoured to be able to bring to you the latest book, by my dear old friend, Milan Bakrania who also wrote The Emissary. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but Milan told me a little about the plot about a year ago and I’ve been dying to get […]

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The 7 Big Illusions In Life

Personal Growth
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Illusions hold you back. They stop you from striving forward and making leaps and bounds towards fulfilling all of your hopes and desires. There are 7 specific illusions and I promise you will recognise at least two, out of the seven, that you will have used on yourself within the past month. Read through them […]

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The Power Of Repetition

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Many years ago I wrote an article about the power of a repetitive thought. That was back in my very early blogging days. At the time, it was incredibly popular; my most commented upon article, and the most visited. There was also a sequel which didn’t fair as well. I stand by those words to […]

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Dating – Fun Not Formality

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In preparation for some dating, flirting and relationship workshops that I have coming up I wanted to address an interesting point I heard recently. I say interesting, but I actually mean, rather odd! Even though I’m now engaged, a large portion of what I’m about to tell you still applies to me because my fiancée […]

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