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Over the last two years I’ve written several articles on expanding and rewiring your brain for wealth. I realised I had a lot to say on the subject; more than I realised. Then, I decided to take it a step further, and turn all those articles into a book.

The book is not just the articles mashed together, but a complete expansion on the topic based on all my own experiences, and everything I’ve learned over the past few years from looking deeply at the subject.

I wrote the articles not only to help others, but to solidify in myself the things I had learned; to implant them in my psyche and to put them into practise.

It seems to be working quite well.

Just in the last few days alone, I’ve been given a pay rise; I bought my first ‘business class’ ticket, for a trip; I’m in the process of buying a new macbook for myself so I can increase my productivity and efficiency; I’ve been finding money in odd places, and things have really turned a corner for me.

All of this began happening when I began applying everything I had learned.

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I’ve mentioned before that I had been through some very tough and challenging times recently. I can say now with a measure of certainty that I am now past the worst and darkest times, and am well on my way to re-discovering my light.

It took a lot of time, effort and work on myself to pull myself through, as well as help from dear friends and even kind strangers. I took whatever help I could and got myself back on track.

As part of that journey, there were a few quotes that really gave me the edge to keep going. I remembered them every single day. I used them, scribbled them down, and kept them in my mind so that when things got particularly bad, I would be able to remember them at the right time, when needed and leverage their power to pick myself up.

I wanted to share those quotes with you here, so should you, or anyone you know being going through a difficult or dark period, remind them of these quotes or get them to keep them with them at all times. Use these powerful words to change any situation.

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