Over the past year it’s been difficult for me to be in a position to inspire others, which is a passion I have, when so much has been going on in my world. Hence the reason I’ve not been writing as much.

It’s not just been the past year; it’s the last 6 years. I wrote a while back about some of the things that I’d been through, but since then my mum passed away; my uncle passed away, and most recently, my relationship with my fiancée ended.

Although it ended on good terms, it’s always difficult when a person who’s been a huge part of your life for nearly 3 years, is no longer there any more.

As difficult as this journey has been, my desire to do service has not waned. In fact, in has increased.

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Being Centered

Before you begin reading this article, I wanted to emphasize just how much this one slight shift in my mindset has changed my life over the past few months.

I literally mean it when I say that miracles will begin to happen when you adopt this strategy and way of thinking.

When I say miracles, I’m not talking about mystical stuff, I’m talking about real tangible results you will see happen, first hand, in your life.

Welcome to the power of being centered.

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