21 Outstanding Mission Statements For Your Life

by Amit Sodha

in Empowerment

Mission Statement

Where ever you go you’ll find that big businesses and leaders alike have mission statements to give them two things.

The first is clarity. It makes the reason behind all their actions clear and it keeps them focused. Secondly mission statements give people direction. It makes sure that people are heading towards a common goal or purpose.

Do you have a mission statement for your life? If so, what is it? If not why not create one right now that allows you to keep on track.

If you don’t know where to begin here’s some I made earlier; in fact here’s 21 mission statements that you can use and edit to keep you on the straight and narrow.

1. To be an amazing friend who is always there.

Real friends are few and far between. Perhaps it could be one of your missions in life to be an outstanding friend to those who need you.

2.To be a thrilling writer that is a companion to many.

Could you be the next Dan Brown or J. K. Rowling? I think you can.

3. To be a master of the internet and allow the world to come together.

Perhaps you could find a way to revolutionise the internet with a new type of social network of search engine? Or perhaps you’ll become a famous blogger.

4. To be a great healer of mankind.

Perhaps you already have the gift of healing and are looking to put it to good use. This mission statement may be the very thing to get you there.

5. To be an explorer and find something wonderful to share with the world where ever I go.

Haven’t you every been recommended a wonderful place to go when your travel? Maybe you could collate the most amazing places and share them with everyone.

6. To capture breathtaking snaps of what I see.

Even with something as simple as an iPhone you could take snaps of some truly magnificent sites.

7. To be a wise and inspiring teacher to the young future leaders of the world.

Young people need icons who can expand their minds and awaken their creativity in becoming the future leaders. Maybe you have something to pass on?

8. To be a super entrepreneur and bring wealth and value to those I serve.

Maybe your goals is way beyond just being a middle manager. You do truly serve people from top down and maybe you could be the next Warren Buffett?

9. To be a hero and a defender to those who do not have the means to defend themselves.

I remember when I first read The Street Lawyer; a great book by John Grisham that almost made me want to be a lawyer. A man working for those who needed support the most.

10. To give myself to those with very little and show them how to create abundance for themselves.

We do have so much even when we have so little and sharing that with those who have even less is an act of a saint.

11. To bring my music to the masses that give people the amazing gift of dance and booty shaking. :-D

Perhaps you have a voice of an angel or you can create beats that uplift…go on…share it!

12. To bring quality programming to Television that educates people and expands their horizons.

Just look at what Rhonda Byrne did with The Secret. Perhaps it’s time to bring something like that to the mainstream.

13. To become an honest politician who actually puts the interest of voters before him/herself.

I know I’m really pushing the boat out with this one but perhaps you think you can show others how it’s supposed to be done.

14. To be a great competitive athlete who makes the competition have to evolve.

You may not be the best, but can you give the best a run for their money?

15. To bring love and laughter to all those who come into my presence.

Is there anything greater than to spread a bit of joy? Maybe this could be part of your core mission.

16. To give unconditional compassion and warmth to people who are in need.

Next time you walk past a beggar or a homeless person give them something as simple as an ear to bend.

17. To honour my own values no matter how great the adversity and achieve my dreams.

How often do you stick to your guns despite intense pressure?

18. To create the best and most healthy mouthwatering dishes that tantalise the taste-buds of millions.

Gourmet cooking is an art unto itself and if you like to scintillate taste buds then maybe this mission might get you hungry.

19. To leave a legacy that will be looked unto for generations to come.

How many great leaders of the past have you quoted. Do you think you’ll ever be quoted in the future?

20. To create artworks and masterpieces that captivate and and intrigue audiences.

Very few people aspire to be artists these days but maybe you could still bring something different to the table?

21. To create a mission for myself that drives me from within because it emanates from my very soul.

Until you find your main mission maybe you could make it a short term mission to find your main mission.

Which mission statements do you use for you life? Have you always had one? Now that you’ve read this are you going to create one for yourself?

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1 Jarrod - Cultivating Heroes

I think before someone goes out and creates a mission statement they should first define how they want to feel in each moment. Entirely internal.

Defining a purpose without knowing how you want to feel is frought with happiness peril because you will be missing the needs that you need to fulfill for your happiness.

Direction is great if its taking you where you want to go.
New at Jarrod – Cultivating Heroes\’s blog post ..Propelled Prosperity From A Pristine Mind


2 Amit Sodha

Hi Jarrod, firstly I would just like to thank you for your comment and here are my thoughts on what you’ve said.

I think you’ve missed the point of this post. If I was going to talk about happiness or being in the moment that would’ve been a separate article altogether. I don’t want to bring two topics into one article. There are plenty of blogs and even articles I’ve written in that past that deal with those areas.

I also have a very different view about happiness to most other personal development bloggers, in fact it’s quite unique. Many people strive for happiness and want to eliminate unhappiness. I don’t believe that is something we as humans need to do. I believe the laws of physical and the non corporeal are similar in that we need both sides, or relativity as it is known…you cannot know happiness unless you know the concept of unhappiness.

This was SPECIFICALLY about creating a mission statement. Lets take number 2 as an example. If someone wants to be a writer, just saying that alone is not very inspiring. It’s up to use to individually create inspiration from within.

I also disagree with you that we can’t define how we want to feel in EVERY moment. That kind of control, in my experience, often leads to people feeling quite depressed when outcomes don’t go their way, in fact, I wrote a post about that recently which you can find here – http://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/inspiration/raise-your-vision-and-let-go-of-your-outcomes/

Thanks again for your thought provoking comment


3 Angela Artemis

Hi Amit,
Great post. I’m a big journaler and just the other day I wrote out my goals for my life. I didn’t call it a mission statement, but I might as well have. Thanks for showing me I’m on the right track!
New at Angela Artemis\’s blog post ..How to Plug Into The Reality of Our Oneness


4 Amit Sodha

My pleasure Angela, care to share one of those goals or mission statements as an example of what you created for yourself?


5 Angela Artemis

Hi Amit,
My mission is to become to teach others how to incorporate the power of intuition into their lives, in order to become the best they can be, make better decisions and live brilliantly!
New at Angela Artemis\’s blog post ..How to Plug Into The Reality of Our Oneness


6 Amit Sodha

“live brilliantly” – I love it! :-D


7 Milan Bakrania

Hey Amit,
Great article! Just realised that you put our link on number 20….Thank you so much for this! Totally agree with you, a mission statement always helps to focus on goals and change attitudes towards life. My wife and I are now established artists and my next book is in the pipe line. All this came from mission statements such as those in your article. Great work boss.


8 Amit Sodha

No problem Milan and looking forward to that second book! :-)


9 Sibyl-alternaview

Amit: Great post and great list of missions. I think this is great advice and it makes so sense that we should have a mission. I think it focuses our energy and attention and ensures we are moving in the right direction. Really great advice. Thanks for passing it along.
New at Sibyl-alternaview\’s blog post ..10 Simple Ways To Achieve Balance In Your Life


10 Amit Sodha

My pleasure Sibyl, the trick is remembering to apply and recall the mission at the times when were tested and tried! Thank you Sibyl!


11 Phil - Less Ordinary Living

Amit –

My personal mission statement – to bring out the good in everyone I meet. I’m convinced that everyone is born with goodness oozing from every pore, yet it gets lost along our journey. Once we can connect to that good life becomes joyful. Great post amigo and hope you’re well.

New at Phil – Less Ordinary Living\’s blog post ..Finding your Mojo


12 Amit Sodha

Hey Phil, great to hear from you and a great simple mission to have! Thanks for sharing, muchos gracias!


13 Roman Soluk

Hi Amit! Really great post, so wonderful and inspiring to read! Thanks for sharing this! ;)
New at Roman Soluk\’s blog post ..Erotic Massage as a Tool for Improving Intimate Relationships


14 Amit Sodha

Thanks Roman, I’m glad you liked and I got your email so thank so much for sharing!!


15 Arvind Devalia

Amit, my mission is to live a life of compassion, contribution, connection and celebration.

Those are my 4Cs:-)

Thanks for the inspiration, buddy!
New at Arvind Devalia\’s blog post ..How to Live with Acceptance and Friendship Every Day


16 Amit Sodha

My pleasure and thanks for sharing Arvind! :-)


17 Amanda@choosing-life-my-way.com

Hi Amit,

I was delighted to read this list. Having a mission statement in the front of our minds at all times can make everything we do more purposeful. #1, #15, #16 and #17 are statements that we would all be well served by living by. Add to this the intention of living fully and joyfully, and it’s a great recipe!

Blessings and joy,
New at Amanda@choosing-life-my-way.com\’s blog post ..Words of Spiritual Encouragement


18 Amit Sodha

My reply is only 1 year late Amanda! LOL


19 R

Hey Amit, what an encouraging mission statement, it helps you to think about what you want from life and well helps you to think outside the box! i really liked number 17! because i feel that when one faces adversity in there life at any point in time, this is the time when the ‘real you’ begins to come out and the challenge is to have the courage to follow your own path and values you have set out no matter what others think and it requires you to be patient and be ‘strong minded’ at the same time to follow what you think…. :)


20 Amit Sodha

Absolutely R and as you mentioned when we spoke, no everyone understands it when you begin that path but you keep going regardless of the obstacles! ;-)


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