How To Climb The Lions At Trafalgar Square

by Amit Sodha

in Humour

Lions Trafalgar Square

I love London in the summer. There is so much to see and do. One of my favourite London landmarks is the lions at Trafalgar Square surrounding Nelsons Column.

I go there often and just enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of the tourists and soaking up the atmosphere!

Even though I’ve lived in London for better part of 20 years, there was a point a few years back when I was there and I realised that I’ve never ever climbed onto the lions!

It’s a massive tourist attraction and people come from all over the world to climb them and take pictures with their friends and family!

So I tried to climb and I realised it was a bit harder than it looked. I’m a heavy chap and there was no way my friend could’ve given me a leg-up. Besides, I was determined to find a way to do it by myself and after several bruised knees and a battered ego, I finally succeeded!

I found the technique that meant I could do it, at any time, by myself! It was a tough journey, there were moments I wanted to forget, like the one below were it looked like I was humping the poor lion.

lion trafalgar square

You should've seen the look on the lions face! :-o

After several hours of therapy, the lion agreed to let me try again! I then realised that with a run up and using it’s tail to spring off, I could get enough grip and leverage to pull myself up. So, if you don’t have help, take a run up, and use the tail as the first step. Then the second step up the lions backside should give you enough grip to pull yourself up.

Lions At Trafalgar Square

Using the tail to climb with a run up

Voila! You’ll be at the top of the lions! It’s a great feeling when you finally make it up, kind of like climbing Mt Everest, only not so high.

Lions Trafalgar Square


Once you’re up you can help others up and just sit back and enjoy the great view!

Lions Trafalgar Square

Lay back and relax

Are you planning on coming to London? If so let me know. Go and visit the lions and I may even come and join you.

A huge thanks to Pilgab for the great photo!

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1 sarah

Hi Amit,

This is a great post and the advice in it could apply to dealing with any challenge. I’m going to link to it at Same Difference as I think my readers would find it useful :)


2 Amit Sodha

Hey Sarah,

My pleasure and thanks so much for linking it. I hope your readers do find it useful! :-) xx


3 Evita

Hi Amit

Oh this was a funny read!

I have never been to London (except on a stop over flight), but I will keep this in mind if I ever choose to visit. It looks like fun and I know what a beautiful city London is too :)


4 Amit Sodha

Definitely Evita and if you’re ever in town look me up and we can go scale the lions together!!


5 Linda Wolf (Insanely Serene)


Hilarious, I love it. I don’t think I knew you could climb the lions. I’ve been there once, myself, loved Trafalgar Sq. The pics are great, too. Good inspiration for me to think about the amazing sights around me (Boston), and how I might consider them in blog posts.

Take care,


6 Amit Sodha

Hey Linda, I’d love to see some of Boston so when you do take those pictures let me know so I can check them out! :-) x


7 Conspiracy girl


Trafalgar Square is a square in central London, England. With its position in the heart of London, it is a tourist attraction, and one of the most famous squares in the United Kingdom and the world.

I’m glad you made it to climb in that slippery statue …..
I loved this post. Adventures


8 Amit Sodha

Hey there, know you posted ages ago but I just wanted to say thank you and glad you enjoyed! :-)


9 Robin

Maybe I should have added climbing the lions to the list of things to do in London.
New at Robin\’s blog post ..7 Things to see in London


10 Amit Sodha

Definitely Robin! You have to do it if you haven’t already!


11 skittles234

A video demo please! :D


12 Amit Sodha

Haha you mean those graphic images weren’t enough? (Especially the naughty one?)


13 dany

an awesome climb BRO”””
New at dany\’s blog post ..Museum in Afghanistan


14 Kiki

I’ve only been to Trafalgar Square once and I wanted to climb on the lions but I was wearing a dress and it would have been really awkward! :P I’ll try it next time I go and make sure I’m wearing leggings underneath! :D


15 Amit Sodha

LOL! Definitely not a good idea in a skirt! :-P

Sadly though, people are no longer allowed to climb on the Lions. They’re very old and it was doing a great deal of damage and so they decided to put a stop to it. A shame but also important to preserve a historical landmark.

Still, they haven’t said you can’t try the column! :-P (kiddin’)



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