There Is No Spoon…Literally

by Amit Sodha

in Humour

On the day that I wrote the post There is no spoon I said that phrase in my head many times. Later in the evening, I went to the kitchen to have some dinner, I opened the cutlery drawer and there was not a single spoon in there! :lol: This was incredibly odd considering the fact that on an average day there are usually 20 or so. The power of affirmations strikes again!

Disclaimer: All the characters, events, places in this post is are based on a true story.

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1 Dan Linehan


That’s awesome.


2 Amit

Hehehe, I know, I still can’t believe it, it had never happened before, and it has never happened since….spooky! :p


3 Dan Linehan

Where were they?


4 Amit

:D good question, I think they were all in the sink or the dishwasher!

It still makes me laugh when I think about it, it was such a surreal experience!


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