Top 10 Things To Do In A Traffic Jam

by Amit Sodha

in Humour

Traffic Jam

I was stuck in a heck of a traffic jam today so I decided of coming up with ways of either using the time productively or just having fun!

1. No matter who’s watching you, sing along to the song on the radio at the top of your voice and dance around in your seat to the song! (Lets face it, you’re never gonna see people in the jam again are you!?)

2. Strike up a conversation with the person in the car next to you! (Pretend you know them and start by saying: “I haven’t’ seen you ages!”)

3. Smile at everyone who passes you by.

4. Stare up at the sky (as if a UFO was landing or something) and see how many people you can get doing the same.

5. If the jam is really bad, sunbathe on the hood of your car.

6. Meditate and send some good vibez to everyone around you.

7. Bounce your car. (If you have a manual shift, rev and bring the clutch to biting point and repeat) Try and get a type of car Mexican wave going.

8. Switch off the engine! If the traffic moves…push your car forward! (Not only do you get some exercise but you help the environment too.) :-P

9. To de-stress, find a good topical radio station and start calling in and get involved, or call all the radio stations and dedicate some songs to people.

10. If you have no stereo, start honking your horn and see if you can make a tune out of it. With a bit of luck of luck other drivers will join in and hey presto, it will be music to your ears! :-D

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1 sleepy sheep

..I like the idea of chatting to the person next to you in a traffic jam…its fine if you think you’re really never going to see them again but there is potential for a stalker alert here. They could always find you via your car reg! Just a thought ;)


2 Amit

Good point. A message to the ladies, don’t do number 2!

9 is my personal favorite! :)


3 public speaker

thanx this will really help me with my public speaking speach.


4 Amit Sodha

Hi there, what are you doing your speech on?



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