Life Coaching


Whether it’s personal excellence you’re striving for or whether you need help getting out of a slump, Life Coaching could be what you need.

My Life Coaching is very simple, I get you to where you would like to be, from where you are, in 3 sessions. It’s a money back guarantee! If I don’t succeed, in those three sessions, you will either get every penny back, or I will continue with you until we reach the desired results without asking for a single cent more.

My ethos is plain and jargon free. I will inspire you to be the true great person you are in just a few short hours. I provide a level of service that I hope that you will go away and tell everyone you know about me through your own volition, with no coercion from me.


My fee structure is very simple. I charge £75 per hour and suggest a minimum of three sessions with the fee payable at the first session; the total is £225. Yes, it’s that easy!

We’ll start with a FREE 30 minute consultation, either over the phone or in person.

Style and key areas

I make sure coaching is fun not formal. I take you out of your comfort zone and get to the crux of what it is you really want or what it is that’s holding you back. I’m in demand and I don’t come cheap so be prepared to get your money’s worth and see your life change in a way like you’ve never seen it before.

Here are just a few of the area’s I specialise in:-

How to write and deliver speeches and be the bomb at public speaking

How to increase your profile and stand out from the crowd

Inspiring young people and giving them direction and purpose

How to have a more fun and fulfilling life

My personal journey

I used to be the kind of person that made excuses and always let something get in the way of where I wanted to be. That’s all changed for me now and I’m well on my way to doing everything that I ever wanted to achieve.

At my lowest point I was depressed, suicidal, I was 22 stone, my partner had just broken up with me, I was fed up of my job and I had very little drive or desire to do anything.

Now I’m a Writer, Radio Presenter, Life Coach, Stand-up Comedian, Marathon Runner, I mentor children, and I also work with disabled children, I write this blog, I’ve finished writing my first book, I’ve recently been on TV and been in a movie and I’ve met some of the most amazing inspiring people on the planet including people such as: Deepak Chopra; John DeMartini and The Dalai Lama.


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