A Brief Manual On Igniting A Satori

by Amit Sodha

in Meditations


Have you ever had a satori? [pronounced – suh-tawr-ee] The chances are you have and may not have been aware of it.

A satori is like an instant awakening, or a brief moment of enlightenment, where things become clear, or you have a deep realisation.

Anyone can have a satori at any time and on any given subject. There are a few ways you induce such events to perhaps give you that creative spark that you need in that moment.


– It can happen in any situation — whenever you fall in tune with the whole – Osho

You’ve seen it in the movies; when the hero is stuck in a rut and in a moment of relaxation, or releasing, the light bulb switches on and bam, they have their awakening.

If you’ve ever looked at them and thought, why can’t I have that? Well, the answer is simple, you can!

Most people associate the word ‘satori’ as something spiritual and only things that people who meditate can have; that’s rubbish!

Firstly, I believe anything can be spiritual to you. A business, a sport, whatever! We, as humans, should now be way beyond the paradigm of petty judgement.

The only 3 important things are:

1. Knowing how to have a satori.

2. Inducing it at will.

3. Acting on whatever realisations you have.

As I briefly mentioned earlier a satori is any kind of instant awakening. A split second of inspiration that could possibly turn you into the next Paulo Cohelo or lead to the next evolution of social networking beyond Twitter and Facebook.

However you choose to define it, most people don’t know how do induce these events deliberately. Often, they only happen accidentally when they’re taking a pee or doing the weekly shop. Sometimes there is no beating those natural instances; they happen at exactly the right moment for you.

But like anything else, the more you have, the law of averages states that sooner or later one of those is going to be a hit.

If you’re new to this concept just think back to any moment in your life where you’ve been inspired, you come up with a new business idea, you’ve invented something new, you’ve written a Pulitzer prize winning piece, you’ve thought of a new joke, you’ve experienced a moment of spiritual enlightenment. etc.

All of these moments could be classed as a satori and it’s your job in life to create as many of those moments as you can. Do the things that get you into a trance like state.

Here are some very simple ways you can do this.

1. The top tip today is read plenty of blogs like this or by other people. Very often, while perusing them, I have a satori. I’ve written a list at the bottom of this post which are my favourite blogs which induce a satori

2. Go to a place of elevation. Literally go walk up a hill and check out the scenery. Allow yourself to get lost in thought and in that meditative state allow satori to happen naturally.

3. Do something you wouldn’t normally do or don’t like. This is essential because when you do this you’ll be forced to see the world differently and this the fastest way to trigger a satori.

4. Stare out of a window and watch the world go by. I was literally doing that when I came up with the idea of writing that down! I’m fairly certain some of the best ideas in the world were conceived that way! :-) If you were working in an office you’d probably get chastised for it but in reality is should be classed as creative time!

5. Fiddle with a pen or some other object. Keeping your body occupied this way takes away the attention of things going on with your body freeing up your mental capacity to go into ‘right brain’ mode.

I hope I’ve gone some way to helping reach a place you can have a satori at any time. If you do after reading this leave me a comment and let me know. Many of the people who comment here will also be able to give awesome guidance on such matters.

Blogs to read: Steven Aitchison; Arvind Devalia; Sandra Lee; Angela Artemis; Jonathan Wells; Rob White; Zeenat Syal; Robin Easton; Tess Marshall; Sybil; Preeti Bhatt; Copyblogger; Problogger; FamousBloggers;

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1 Eduard - People Skills Decoded

Aaaa, new word for the day. Is a satori something similar to a revelation, or a breakthrough, or an aha moment?
New at Eduard – People Skills Decoded\’s blog post ..Autonomy- Mastery- Purpose- Motivating Employees without Money


2 Amit Sodha

Hey Eduard, indeed it is! I think the closest words that sums it up is ‘instant awakening’. It’s a great word isn’t it? Do you think I could start a trend with this? :-D


3 Eduard - People Skills Decoded

Yeah, you could make a blog just about that ;)
New at Eduard – People Skills Decoded\’s blog post ..Autonomy- Mastery- Purpose- Motivating Employees without Money


4 Amit Sodha

Indeed, that’s actually not a bad name for a blog too! :-D


5 Angela Artemis

I loved, loved, loved this post – (not just because you mention me and my blog – lol!) but, because you’ve written about one of my favorite topics! I call it the “mystical experience” and you call it “satori” but it’s the same creative or spiritual reverie that comes over us at times when we connect to the entire world, or our heart opens, or we reach a creative peak and get in the flow where our creativity streams out of effortlessly.

I love that you tell us how to have more of the peak experiences. Thank you so much. I love those moments when my blog articles seem to “write themselves” – that’s when I know I’ve connected to something larger and beyond my little ego as the words flow through me – instead of coming from me. More of these experiences I’ll take any day!
New at Angela Artemis\’s blog post ..7 Simple Steps to Mastering Your Mind


6 Amit Sodha

I’m so glad you enjoyed Angela and I know exactly what you mean that the term ‘satori’ could actually go by a thousand different names but as you pointed out it’s the experience itself that counts and the more we do to put ourselves in positions where we have more the better! :-D


7 Sandra Lee


Your writing always makes me smile and chuckle! Thank you so much for the unique wonder you add to the blogosphere.

The moments of deep insight that you describe are really the juice of life. I was reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s new book last night – The World We Have – which induced many moments of satori. I was so infused with a joyful heart, awe, and wonder when I laid the book down. I love your #1 tip – to read ‘satori-inducing’ blogs because I too experience the power of words to spark amazing insight. It really made me smile to see my blog included in the list. I’m honored and grateful.

I also love Angela’s own experience of satori: “creative or spiritual reverie that comes over us at times when we connect to the entire world, or our heart opens, or we reach a creative peak.”

Thanks for these great tips for unleashing our potential.
New at Sandra Lee\’s blog post ..The Heart of Reality


8 Amit Sodha

Flattery will get you everywhere Sandra! ;-) That books sounds like one I need to pick up and read as it’s obviously in sync with what I’m feeling right now! Thank you!


9 jonathanfigaro

Love the post. Stare out the window, created creativity. It does,but as someone wise told me. Creativity is 99percent perspiration, one percent inspiration. Work towards your desires.


10 Amit Sodha

Exactly, this article addresses that one percentile! :-)


11 Zengirl @ Heart and Mind


I have had a-ha and light bulb moments but I did not know the word satori is similar! Thanks for introducing it! I think is super cool! Thanks for sharing.
New at Zengirl @ Heart and Mind\’s blog post ..How To Be Happy – Quotes By Wise People


12 Amit Sodha

That’s exactly what it is Preeti, those a-ha moments or lightbulb moments as you so eloquently put and you’re right, it is a supercool word! :-)


13 Sibyl-alternaview

Amit: I really loved this post. Who wouldn’t want to have a satori? :) I know I am ready and willing :) I had never really heard of this term until I read your post, but I know it has got to feel great when you come up with a great idea and breakthrough. I had never thought to go to a higher elevation … interesting. I am going to have to try that one out. Thanks for all the great tips.


14 Amit Sodha

Hey Sybil, I’m just catching up on responding to some messages I never did after I threw my back out! Definitely try the higher elevation and my personal recommendation is the fiddling with a pen or a rubiks cube! :-)


15 Jason mKey

Wow! What a great post. I recently had an experience like this, but didn’t know what to call it. I’m a fan of this blog.
New at Jason mKey\’s blog post ..Narrowing In


16 Amit Sodha

Jason, sincere apologies for my tardy response. I’m so glad you liked and thank you for commenting. I’m definitely going to check out your blog too! :-)


17 Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

Oh You sweet sweet boy!
Here I am just happily reading the mindblowingly awesome post..and what do i see at the end ME!!!!! Thank you for this beautiful Satori-licious(if that is a word) mention.
I loved this concept..and the more I become aware of this, the more i keep thse enlightening moments in in my mental record. I kind of pull them out, when I start feeling sluggish..and wallah I have amazing energy to do just about ANYTHING! How amazing is that?
You are right…these Satori moments come and go in flash sometimes. Living consciously can bring about more of these and help you recognize more. Spirituality comes in different shapes and forms…..our heart is what will lead us to it ..
#$ is my favorite- I love staring out of my window..especially at night…I love watching the sky…so many stars up there help me feel all shimmery inside too :)
Loved this one..and I loved the surprise of being in it too…
SO Much Love,


18 Amit Sodha

I just realised Zee that I never responded to your comment on this because I think this was the time when I did my back in. I think you could create something new this in line with your RAOKA….how about RAOS Random acts of satori…things that induce the satori experience….what do you think? :-)


19 Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

ooppss…ok that was supposed to be #4 is my favorite! :)


20 Tristan

I like that you included “Place of elevation” on your list. I’m an avid rock climber and mountaineer and have experienced many a satori while in the mountains. They really do just give you a greater perspective, both metaphorically and literally.

Thanks for sharing the other tips, too!
New at Tristan\’s blog post ..How Watching Reality TV Got Me More Newsletter Subscribers


21 Amit Sodha

Tristan, my dear friend, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this comment sooner, I think this was when I did my back in and was out of action for nearly 3 weeks. Thanks for your comment and I love climbing and hiking too, I haven’t been in a while so I’m going to make a point of it go again and have many more satori! :-)


22 Bill

I disagree – satori is not experienced by being lost in thought or sliding into a trance. Coming up with a good idea (often spontaneously) and saying “eureka!” is always an exhilarating experience, but this is not enlightenment.

What remains after the mind becomes silent? Just pure consciousness, with no concepts – the true self. A glimpse of this is usually referred to as kensho or satori.


23 Amit Sodha

Thanks Bill, We’ll agree to disagree on this one, I’ve often found the definition of a satori to be open to intepretation and possibly in the stictest sense you may be right but I believe there are various levels and different types of satori one can have.


24 Alex

A Satori has nothing to do with inspiration or a business idea or staring out of a window. Not originally at least. I suggest you read about it from a trusted source (say, a good book) – or find a different word for what YOU are trying to say.


25 Amit Sodha

Thanks Alex. It depends upon which perspecitve you look the word satori. If you only look at it from a particular faith, then you may be right but as I said to Bill above, I think there are different types of varying degrees.


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