Unlimited Choice

New Book By Milan: Human

New Book By Milan: Human

I’m very excited and honoured to be able to bring to you the latest book, by my dear old friend, Milan Bakrania who also wrote The Emissary. I haven’t had a chance to read...

Optical, Illusion

The 7 Big Illusions In Life

Illusions hold you back. They stop you from striving forward and making leaps and bounds towards fulfilling all of your hopes and desires. There are 7 big illusions in life and I promise you...

The Power Of Repetition

Many years ago I wrote an article about the power of a repetitive thought. That was back in my very early blogging days. At the time, it was incredibly popular; my most commented upon...

Dating – Fun Not Formality

In preparation for some dating, flirting and relationship workshops that I have coming up I wanted to address an interesting point I heard recently. I say interesting, but I actually mean, rather odd! Even...


How To Stop Taking Life So Seriously

Life IS NOT meant to be taken seriously! Sure, we all go through shit, but sometimes you just have to sit back, laugh at yourself, and start fresh! If you’re a grumpy bastard, STFU!...

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